Candidate 101 Trainings


What is Candidate 101 Training?

The program is tailored for progressive, Democratic women who are considering a run for elective office at any level. The trainings are full-day, in-depth workshops exploring the building blocks of campaign communication, fundraising, planning, media relations and grassroots activism needed to run a professional, competitive campaign. Since the program’s inception in 2006, Annie’s List political staff has trained thousands of women to run for offices up and down the ballot, many of whom have gone on to seek office in the Texas Legislature and at the county level across the state.

Women address the issues that affect their families and communities every day. Annie’s List knows that by working together and building coalitions to solve problems close to home, today’s little league fundraiser or zoning commission volunteer is tomorrow’s candidate for office.

Annie’s List aims to assist these amazing moms, daughters, professionals, campaign volunteers, activists and students as they make the decision to extend their service and prepare to run for elected office. Changing the face of power starts here.




Austin trainees in December 2013 with State Representative Donna Howard of Austin.



Fort Worth trainees in August 2013 with State Representative Nicole Collier of Fort Worth.


Dallas trainees in July 2013 with State Representative Mary Gonzalez of El Paso.

Questions? Want to find out more about a training in your area? Contact Campaigns Director Colleen Loper directly by emailing [email protected] or calling 512-481-8100.


Wendy Davis “Thank You Annie’s List!”

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