Annie’s List Legislative Champions: 84th Session in review

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A Record of Impact in the 84th Regular Texas Legislative Session

The mission of Annie’s List is to achieve gender equality in Texas by recruiting, training, supporting, and electing progressive, pro-choice women who are dedicated to advancing the self-determination, health, safety and financial security of Texas women and their families. By electing progressive, pro-choice women and changing the face of power in Texas, Annie’s List promotes a progressive agenda which:

  • Protects reproductive rights for women
  • Provides affordable and accessible healthcare for all Texas families
  • Creates equitable wages and working conditions for women
  • Prevents violence against women and children and assists survivors
  • Supports quality public education for all children

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Annie’s List is proud to have supported the election of 13 women currently serving in the Texas Senate and House of Representatives. These Annie’s List-endorsed lawmakers not only change the face of power in Texas, they alter the course of public policies which affect the lives of millions of everyday Texans. While 13 out of 181 legislators is certainly a minority (8%), this small but mighty delegation has a tremendous impact.

It is impossible to quantify the full impact of a lawmaker’s body of work. This special report provides a snapshot, measuring only one outcome of the legislative process: the rate of bill passage. This conservative analysis does not taken into account other measures such as the ability of members to jointly author bills, utilize the budget process and amendments, or their ability to stop public policy from being created. These other measures are impossible to compare throughout the legislature, but should not be overlooked when taking a larger look at a legislator’s impact. All of the efforts of Annie’s List Legislative Champions amount to incredible improvements in the lives of tens of millions of hardworking Texans across the state and in their districts.

Before jumping into the numbers, consider that Annie’s List-endorsed legislators are working in a challenging landscape: these extraordinary lawmakers are not only in the minority party, but they face institutional challenges related to their identities as women and women of color.  Even when they have worked on measures with bipartisan support or with the Governor their efforts have been vetoed or otherwise undermined (8 bills were sent to the Governor, then vetoed).

Also, while Annie’s List-endorsed legislators are effective on a wide array of issues, 45% of their legislation in the 84th Session focused on Annie’s List issues – issues on which the legislative majority is out-of-touch. We are so grateful to Annie’s List Legislative Champions for not only shepherding the State’s business, but also for pushing the pendulum of the Texas Legislative body closer to an accurate reflection of the priorities of Texas women and their families.

Even against incredible odds, Annie’s List Legislative Champions are just as effective at their peers.

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By the numbers:

According to Texas Legislature Online, in the 84th Legislative Session, 181 legislative members introduced a total of 6,476 bills. The total number of bills passed were 1,246. Of those introduced, 19% of bills passed.

Also, in the 84th Legislative Session, Annie’s List-endorsed members introduced over 450 bills, amendments and budget riders. Of the bills introduced 82 passed; 13 bills concerning Annie’s List issues passed.  Even in such a challenging political environment, carrying legislation that an out-of-touch majority party considers unfavorable, Annie’s List-endorsed members were just as effective as their peers.

One final note is that Annie’s List-endorsed lawmakers introduced over 400 House and Senate resolutions acknowledging educators, constituents, students and community volunteers –  including the thankless work of CASA volunteers. We would like to think many members would take the time to recognize these guardians of our youth, but it was an Annie’s List-endorsed legislator, Rep. Mary González , who did.

By the issues:

It’s no secret we can count on Annie’s List-endorsed legislators to defend and protect a woman’s right to make personal and private reproductive healthcare choices. But, Annie’s List-endorsed lawmakers champion more than “women’s issues”. By changing the face of power, public policy priorities are affected on a host of important issues.

New laws enacted by Annie’s List-endorsed legislators include important measures on:

  • Business, Probate, Tax Reform, State Finance, Consumer Protections, and Property Rights
  • Environment & Energy Policy
  • Education
  • Transportation and Housing, particularly for Seniors
  • Workforce Development and Worker Safety
  • Public Healthcare measures ranging from mental health, breastfeeding and a full range of reproductive health choices
  • Public Safety issues ranging from protection of children, human trafficking, cyber security and the prevention and prosecution of sexual assault, family violence and violence against women
  • Improving the lives of Seniors and their access to fair and decent housing
  • Protecting those who have served us including our veterans, in particular programs for women veterans and the children of veterans
  • Protecting our Civil Rights in regard to freedom of religion, gender protection in the workplace and upholding Texan’s access to voting rights and fair elections
  • Criminal Justice reform related to wrongful convictions, juvenile justice, mental health and maternal health for incarcerated Texans

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Note: This report was updated on Wednesday, July 15th.

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