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January 11, 2017


On January 11, 2017 Annie’s List hosted a lunchtime call with friends across the state who entered 2017 with Resolve to Be Involved.

Keeping in line with our commitment to recruiting, training and elected Texas women, Resolve to Be Involved introduced supporters to Annie’s List, our work, our partners in the progressive community, and provided the next steps to take to make a difference.

Over 100 people called in for the lunchtime webinar, in which Annie’s List Executive Director Patsy Woods Martin introduced Annie’s List and shared our vision to change the face of power by supporting progressive, pro-choice women in Texas. Dona Kim Murphey, founder of the Pantsuit Republic of Texas, shared her experience as a progressive ally new to political action. And while State Representative Gina Hinojosa (HD-49) wasn’t able to join us, we heard about her commitment to funding education and protecting local control from her Legislative Director Amanda Foster.

   annies-circlepatsy-circlegina-circle dona-kim-circle psr-logo

For those who were not able to join the call today, or want to listen again, the video of the webinar, as well as the powerpoint presentation are linked below.


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Resolve to Be Involved 2017 – ppt.



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