From left to right: Rep. Toni Rose, Rep. Shawn Thierry, Rep. Sheryl Cole, Rep. Dr. Alma Allen, Rep. Senfronia Thompson, Rep. Rhetta Bowers, Rep. Barbara Gervin-Hawkins, and Rep. Nicole Collier.


Rep. Toni Rose is fighting to expand Medicaid and provide coverage to Texans -- our state has the highest uninsured population (5 million) and percentage (17.7%) in the nation. She filed a bill in the 87th Legislative Session that would require Medicaid coverage for women up to a year after giving birth, dissolving the current cap at 60 days. This would be monumental for new moms, and especially Black mothers who are disproportionately affected by maternal mortality.

In a press release, Rep. Rose shared, "Caring for new mothers who fall into the health coverage gap, we can eradicate a great number of unnecessary deaths."

Rose serves on the following Texas House committees: Appropriations, Calendars, Human Services, and Redistricting (Vice-Chair).


Rep. Sheryl Cole is working to ensure that all Texans seeking an abortion can receive the healthcare they rightfully deserve. She introduced Rosie’s Law to expand access to safe abortion procedures by allowing public and private insurance to cover the medical costs, which is currently prohibited in Texas.

“Abortion is healthcare, and healthcare should not be reserved for only the wealthy and privileged few,” Rep. Cole said in a recent statement on Twitter. 

Cole serves on the following Texas House committees: Agriculture & Livestock, House Administration (Vice-Chair), and Ways & Means.


Rep. Thompson, also known as Ms. T, is the longest-serving woman in the Texas Legislature. Session after session, Ms. T puts Texas women at the top of her priorities. From abortion access to equal pay to expanding Medicaid, she is a relentless champion for women across the state.

In the Democratic response to this year's State of the State address, Ms. T. was adamant that: "Until women, particularly women of color, have access to healthcare and equal opportunities, I am going to be at your state Capitol fighting to push women forward."

Thompson serves on the following Texas House committees: Business & Industry, Licensing & Administrative Procedures (Chair), and Redistricting.


Rep. Barbara Gervin-Hawkins is fighting for school safety, police reform, and a host of other measures this legislative session. She filed a bill to ensure that every public school has a clean water plan and resources to test for harmful chemicals in drinking water. Additionally, she introduced a bill that would amend state laws and allow more time to investigate police officers who abuse their power.

"If an incident happens and you don’t have the time to fully vet it... that creates a problem," she told the San Antonio Express-News. "It eliminates full transparency."

Gervin-Hawkins serves on the following Texas House committees: Culture, Recreation, & Tourism (Vice-Chair), Defense & Veterans' Affairs, and Local & Consent Calendars.


Rep. Shawn Thierry is tackling the high maternal mortality rate in Texas by filing a number of bills to the Texas Legislature. Her measures would expand Medicaid services, utilize technology to track and prevent birth complications, and require medical professionals to undergo cultural and racial bias training.

In a story from KXAN about the fight to reinstate the Office of Minority Health Statistics and Engagement, a tweet from Rep. Thierry is highlighted: "COVID-19, maternal mortality, hypertension & heart disease, all disproportionately affect African Americans." There's no doubt that the initiatives she's fighting for would be life-saving.

Thierry serves on the following Texas House committees: Land & Resource Management and Ways & Means (Vice-Chair).


Rep. Dr. Alma Allen has had an extensive career in Texas education working as a teacher, administrator, adjunct professor, and a member of the State Board of Education before her election to the Texas Legislature.

Amidst the pandemic, Rep. Allen has prioritized students and teachers over STAAR exams. Per the Austin American-Statesman, Allen is quoted from a news conference saying: "We’re in the middle of a life-threatening pandemic. We also cannot ask our teachers or our school personnel, students and families to put themselves at risk for an unnecessary test."

Texas public schools have always been a priority for Rep. Allen and the future of our state is bright as a result.

Allen serves on the following Texas House Committees: Corrections (Vice-Chair), Public Education, and Resolution Calendars.


Rep. Rhetta Bowers is committed to protecting Black Texans and people of color from prejudicial policies in schools and the workplace. In November, she filed the CROWN Act which would ban discrimination against hair textures and styles commonly associated with race. 

"I challenge institutions statewide to examine and address any unfair grooming policies that have disparate impact on Black children, women, and men," Bowers said in a press conference. "We cannot turn a blind eye to these incidents, and must stand up against discrimination of all kind.”

Bowers serves on the following Texas House Committees: Homeland Security & Public Safety (Vice-Chair), Local & Consent Calendar, and Natural Resources


Rep. Nicole Collier is working to make Texas a more equitable place for all its constituents through comprehensive criminal justice reform. She helped introduce the George Floyd Act to the Texas Legislature, which would limit forceful tactics and hold corrupt police accountable by ending qualified immunity, among other things. 

"There has been racism throughout all parts of government, and until we have people who are uncomfortable with the way things are, we’re not gonna see change," she told the Texas Tribune. 

Rep. Collier is the first woman to serve as chair of the Criminal Jurisprudence Committee.

Collier serves on the following Texas House committees: Criminal Jurisprudence (Chair) and Public Health.



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