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Champion Spotlight: Rep. Shawn Thierry

We joined Rep. Thierry (HD 146 – Houston) for an afternoon to see what it’s really like to be a state legislator. We learned all about how her office stays organized, asked some personal questions, and left feeling inspired by her dedication to the people she represents.

This Week at the #TXLege

Our legislative champions are hard at work with 84 days in the regular session remaining. This Friday is the last day to file any legislation, other than local or certain emergency bills. As the filing deadline looms, bills are also being heard in committee.

Meet our Spring 2019 Interns

Sophia Espinosa, Political Intern Third year Social Work and Political Science dual major at St. Edwards University What brought you to Annie’s List? Why now?…

Champion Spotlight: Harris County Clerk Diane Trautman

Harris County, the largest in Texas and third largest in the nation, has long been unfriendly to voters. But in the 53 days since Diane…

Navigating TLO 101

What is TLO? Texas Legislature Online (TLO) – capitol.texas.gov TLO enables the public to view the status of legislation and to search bill text, amendment…

#TXLege Committee Assignments

This legislative session, Annie’s List Champions have been named to a variety of committees including public education, public health and redistricting–with a total of 8 Champions being appointed as chair or vice-chair.

Women’s Marches 2019

Be empowered with women from across Texas this weekend at your local Women’s March or Rally. Find start times and links for more information below!