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Champion Spotlight: Rep. Mary González

Recently, Rep. González met our team in her office to answer several questions about her time as a legislator, her priorities, and what keeps her motivated. We are grateful for her willingness to spare some of her time, especially as the legislature inches closer to Sine Die.
May 16, 2019
Rep. González with her Chief of Staff, Caroline.
"I define success as being ethical, authentic, loving, and doing all this while trying to promote a more social justice agenda and to me, that is success."

Rep. González’s energy is contagious. When we first arrive, she’s in a meeting but afterwards pops her head out to tell us she’s happy to see us and then apologizes for needing to run out for a bit. The “bit” turns into nearly an hour, but we don’t mind because we know she’s on the House floor casting critical votes.

Her office is a warm and welcoming environment filled simultaneously with laughter and then periods of quiet while everyone focuses on the chamber’s livestream or types away on their laptops. It’s hard not to consider her office environment as one of the ways that sets the Rep. apart from other legislators. She’s young–first elected when she was 28–and committed to helping her staff learn and grow while under her leadership. Caroline, her chief of staff, shared with us, “Mary is a hands on legislator and constantly encourages us to take initiative on the issues we each care about.”

We asked her a few questions to get a better idea of her leadership style, the work she’s done throughout her four terms, and how she stands up to criticism. You can view her responses below!

Working Smart

Priorities this session:

How everything gets done:

Getting Personal

Who’s your biggest inspiration?

What keeps you motivated?

What’s your advice to women considering running for office?

How do you define success?

How do you handle criticism?

In Her Own Words

Lessons learned:

On the power of caucuses:

On her approach to Sine Die:

All in All

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: Women’s representation in elected office is vital. When women are in the room where decisions are made, we’re better for it. Rep. González, a young, LGBTQ identifying, woman of color exemplifies that.

More about Rep. González

At the #TXLege

House Committees: Appropriations, Public Education, Local & Consent (Vice-Chair)

Caucuses: LGBTQ Caucus (Chair), Mexican American Legislative Caucus (Vice-Chair)

Bills authored/joint authored: 100

Full list of her legislation here!

Did you know?

A few days after we met with her, the Rep. argued her dissertation and is now Dr. González!

She is a proud farmer and loves animals.

She lovingly calls her dad her “favorite and most difficult constituent” and says family is incredibly important to her.

On how she unwinds:

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