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Get to Know Your Dallas Area Candidates

September 7, 2018
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Days after a Dallas Morning News columnist stated that, “nearly all of the state's competitive House races are in Dallas County,” Annie’s List hosted 6 of our endorsed Dallas area legislative candidates for a Meet and Greet with supporters on September 5th.

Annie’s List Executive Director, Royce Brooks, welcomed a full room of local supporters to times ten cellars for our first Candidate Meet and Greet of the 2018 election cycle. The energy was palpable, with women from all over Dallas County excited to learn more about the leaders that will usher in a new era of equitable and fair representation in Texas when they are elected this November. 

“We have endorsed these candidates because they will usher in the changes Texas needs, including prioritizing access to quality education and healthcare, and safety and opportunity for every community,” Annie’s List Executive Director Royce Brooks said. “These women have a real path to victory even in those districts considered safe for Republicans in the 2016 election.”

It can be overwhelming to cut through the noise and get to the heart of why these midterms are so crucial for the future of policy-making in Texas. In Dallas, our Meet & Greet set out to bring a better depth of understanding to the campaign trail, by providing a forum for supporters to get to know their candidates on a personal level. If there is anything we have learned this election season, it is that women candidates are no longer bowing to the idea that they must fit a certain mold in order to be taken seriously as a candidate. Nor should they have to. These women are entrepreneurs, attorneys who fight to improve the lives of disenfranchised groups, community advocates and more. In a word, they are leaders, dedicated to bringing effective and fair representation to the halls of power. And with unprecedented numbers of women running for office in the wake of the 2016 election, we all benefit from their success as studies show that they simply get more done in office.

“I’m so glad Annie’s List hosted this event,” said Annie’s List endorsed candidate for HD 113, Rhetta Bowers (above, left). “It was a refreshing break from the usual series of stump speeches. I loved getting to really connect with voters and supporters.”

Of the seven endorsed candidates in Dallas County, we have the chance to send five new representatives to the Texas House, with four of those candidates challenging Republican incumbents. And, Annie’s List’s Dallas area candidates account for five of The Dallas Morning News 18 races to watch in 2018. This is a potentially historic election year in Texas – follow along for ways to get involved with your local candidates here and together, we will change the status quo of Texas politics this November.



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