Maximize Your Impact

Impact League - 2021-09

The Annie’s List Impact League is a crucial partner in the work to elect progressive women candidates. Each Impact League member makes the strategic commitment to give at least $500 annually through the annual giving campaign.

This dedicated support ensures that Annie’s List can continue the fight for progressive values and pro-choice women.


Dr. Diana Strassmann

Hannah Temple

Lynn Brooks

Lis Harper

Robbie Ausley

Tre' and Lauren Black*

Annette Carlozzi

Kimberley Elting

Meryl Metni

Yvonne M. Pelayo*

Pat Rosenthal

Nancy Sanders

Randi Thistlethwaite

Susannah Wisenbaker

Donna Brazile

Beth Buyse

Joi Chevalier*

Cheryl George

Rachel Glast

John Hirschi

Louise Hytken

Julie Lowenberg

Heather Mace-Meador

Lucilo Peña

Judy Rosenblum

Laurie Jo Straty

Betty Trent

Karen Twitchell

*Annie’s List Board Member

This list reflects Impact League membership as of December 31, 2021. If you are an Impact League member and do not see your name above, please contact us at