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Steering Committees

Steering Committee members are community leaders committed to electing progressive women in Texas. 

They work collectively and regionally, and are located in Tarrant County (Ft. Worth area), Dallas, El Paso, Central Texas, Greater Houston, San Antonio, and South Texas (Laredo and the Rio Grande Valley).

Annie’s List Steering Committee Goals


Involving more women as volunteers, voters, activists, and potential candidates


Supporting local trainings and events by helping to plan, promote, and execute


Fundraising to support Annie’s List candidates and events


Contributing input informing Annie's List endorsements and promoting endorsed candidates in their community

Ready to join Annie’s List and change the face of power?


Do you love engaging your work, school, clubs, and neighborhood networks?


Are you passionate about elections, policy, progressive activism, and supporting women in the process?


Do you want to support progressive, pro-choice candidates?

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2021 Annie’s List Steering Committee

Susan Barzelay

Elizabeth Beck

Jill Black

Lisa Blue

Diane Boddy

Cecilia Boone

Kristi Borden

Elizabeth Bray

Inette Brown

Becky Bruder

Nancy Burton

Darryl Campbell

Bettie Cartwright

Perla Cavazos

Carey Chenoweth Shuart

Aimee Cunningham

Isabel de la Riva*

Chet-Nancy Davis

Dominique Davis

Margaret W. DeMoss

Carol Donovan

Elizabeth Doyel

Shayna Dunitz

Sally Dunning

Amy & Lee Fikes

Mary Flanagan

Nancy Friedman

Cheryl Foster

Malinda Gaul

Heidi Gerbracht

Allison Glass

Wendy Gordon

Gail Griswold

Dana Guefen

Kristen Gunn

Marilyn Halla

Jeni Halliday

Jane Hamilton*

LaTreshia Hamilton*

Lis Harper

Sandi Hebley

Samantha Heidbrink

Joan B. Hilgers

Cathy Holt

Pat Jasso*

Anne Johnson

Thomas Johnson

Marlene Jowell

Deborah Kastrin

Sheri Khatami

Lisa Kraus

Janie McGarr

Erin McKool

Sydney McQuoid

Michelle Mehlhorn

Celina Montoya

Monica Morgan*

Piper Nelson

Annette Novominsky

Jennifer Owen

Yvonne Pelayo*

Janis W. Pinnelli

Emma Preciado

Gwendolyn Pulido*

Diana Ramirez

Selwyn Rayzor

Maxine Rebeles

Bonnie Reed

Laura Rodriguez*

Lysa Rohan

Kerrigan Sanders

Sudy Samandari

Lashelle Scott

Kathy Spicer

Diana Strassman

Rome Street

Erin Taylor

Hannah Temple

Mae Threadgill

Jennifer Trevino

Talan Tyminski

MaryEllen Veliz*

Beverly Watts Davis

Diana Weihs

Hilary Weinstein

Catherine Yulli Casavant

*Annie's List Board Member

This list reflects Steering Committee membership as of December 31, 2021. If you are a Steering Committee member and do not see your name above, please contact us at