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6/9/18 ABC13: #MeToo Founder Tarana Burke in Houston to speak on Women’s Rights

6/9/18 CW39: Annie’s List host #MeToo Founder Tarana Burke

6/4/18 RELEASE: Annie’s List Names Royce Brooks Executive Director 

5/31/18 Dallas Morning News: Texas Senate Updates its Sexual Harassment Policy, 6 Months After #MeToo Reports from the Capitol 

5/31/18 RELEASE: Statement from Annie’s List Interim Executive Director, Jennifer Treat regarding the Texas Senate’s recently revised anti-sexual harassment policy.

5/25/18 Caller Times: Three women including Lupe Valdez on Texas Democrats’ statewide ballot

5/25/18 Texas Tribune: We visualized how underrepresented Texas women are in government. This year, it could change — but not by much.

05/24/18 Dallas Morning News: Texas House has Adopted Sexual Harassment Policy in the Wake of #MeToo, but is that Enough?

o2/02/18 CNN: Sen. Warren Visits Texas for Annie’s List’s 15th Annie-versary

02/02/18 KTBC: Senator Elizabeth Warren draws crowds to Annie’s List 15th anniversary celebration

02/02/18 KXAN: Sen. Elizabeth Warren in Austin for Annie’s List 15th Annie-versary

02/02/18 Austin American-Statesman: Elizabeth Warren Urges More Women to Run For Office in Texas

01/23/18 KXAS: More Texas Women are Running for Higher Office

01/09/18 KUT: A ‘Historic’ Number Of Women Are Running For Office In Texas This Year

01/03/18 Austin American-Statesman: Surge of Texas women seeking office mirrors national trend

12/07/17 The Texas Tribune: Annie’s List calls for Senators Uresti and Miles to Resign

12/07/17 STATEMENT: Annie’s List Calls for Resignation of Texas State Senators Following Sexual Misconduct Allegations

08/30/17  Rivard Report: Annie’s List Looks to Power Local, Progressive Women into Office

08/24/17 San Antonio Express-News: Annie’s List sees a surge of women mulling campaigns

04/21/17 Dallas Morning News: Female candidates of all ethnicities and races face fundraising challenges

04/18/17 RELEASE: Annie’s List Announces Slate of Candidate Endorsements for May 6 Elections Across Texas

04/07/17 RELEASE: Hillary Clinton Visits Houston To Raise One Million Dollars To Elect Progressive Texas Women To Office

03/06/17 Culture Map Houston: Hillary Clinton Reemerges to Headline Annie’s List Houston Luncheon 

03/06/17 RELEASE: Secretary Clinton to Headline Houston Luncheon Honoring Amber Mostyn 

03/02/17 Secretary Hillary Clinton to Keynote Annie’s List Houston Luncheon Honoring Amber Mostyn

03/02/17 Houston Chronicle: Secretary Hillary Clinton to Keynote Annie’s List Houston Luncheon Honoring Amber Mostyn

03/01/17 The Texas Tribune: Secretary Hillary Clinton to Keynote Annie’s List Houston Luncheon Honoring Amber Mostyn

02/24/2017 ADVISORY: Sarah Bird to headline Austin Luncheon to elect TX women

02/15/2017 Reporting Texas: Annie’s List helps Texas women mobilize to continue the momentum from the Marches

01/26/2017 Al Dia Dallas: Annie’s List offers training for women who want to run for public office in the Metroplex

01/24/2017: Texas Standard: Annie’s List hopes March momentum inspires more women to run for office

01/23/2017: Annie’s List hopes to gain elected leaders from Women’s March

01/23/2017 Austin American-Stateman: Annie’s List encourages Women’s March participants to stay connected

Annie’s List joins host of progressive allies to sponsor Women’s March on Austin: Lake Cities Sun, KEYE,, Austin American-Statesman

01/20/2017 Fort Worth Star-Telegram: Annie’s List holds Ready to Run trainings for women ready to run for local office in Fort Worth

01/04/2017 The Dallas Morning News: Even with rise of political outsiders, women take traditional path to power

12/10/2016 Victory for Anne Sung, education in Houston! Annie’s List elects 25 women  2016!

12/06/2016 Politifact: Annie’s List: Men hold 80 percent of ‘lawmaking power’ in Texas Legislature

12/06/2016 RELEASE: Annie’s List Welcomes New Leadership

12/01/2016 Annie’s List Endorses Anne Sung for Houston ISD Board of Trustees

11/30/2016 Annie’s List Puts GOP on Watch 

11/15/16 The Daily Texan: Americans must elect women into political office

11/11/2016 Annie’s List discusses the 2016 Election results

11/09/2016 The Dallas Morning News: Presidential election results encourage women to be persistence

11/09/2016 Texas Public Radio: Clinton’s campaign can still motivate women to run for public office

11/05/2016 The Dallas Morning News: Annie’s List TV add highlights Republicans’ failure to protect children in protective services

10/20/2016 Annie’s List work to Stop Texas Trumps

10/20/2016 Focus Daily News: Rep. Giddings – “I look forward to working with the entire Annie’s List delegation to support all Texas families.”

10/19/2016 Dallas Morning News: Annie’s List as top supporter of TX candidates

10/18/2016 Annie’s List welcomes education champion Rep. Giddings to delegation

10/12/2016 Annie’s List-endorsed Terry Meza in top swing district

9/27/2016 Annie’s List calls for leader with proven track record to replace Dukes in HD46

9/26/2016 Annie’s List supports Representation, Experience in HD46

9/26/16 Ahead of the first presidential debate, Patsy Woods-Martin advises Trump to show respect

9/21/2016 Annie’s List supports important down-ballot races in 2016

9/19/2016 Annie’s List endorses education, jobs champion Terry Meza for HD105

8/11/2016 El Paso Times: Workshop to help women run for public office

8/3/2016 Houston Chronicle: HD 146 & Annie’s List Endorsed-candidate, Erica Lee Carter

7/28/2016 Texas Public Radio: Women Still Less Likely to Run, Annie’s List helping to Elect More

7/27/2016 WJLA: Delegate’s that met at Annie’s List training rejoice over Clinton’s historic nomination 

6/10/2016 Dallas Morning News: Patsy Woods-Martin: Annie’s List-endorsed candidates to watch this November

6/9/2016 Texas Public Radio: Can Women Unite Behind Clinton As The Democratic Nominee?

5/25/2016 Houston Chronicle: Noteworthy Democrats: Annie’s List

5/19/2016 Texas Tribune: Annie’s List largest contributor to HD 27 Primary Runoff Race 

5/17/2016 Rabble: Texas women fight the Right, Annie’s List’s Political Director, Gen Van Cleve, speaks about the power of women lawmakers in Texas

5/10/2016 Texas Tribune: Annie’s List invests in strong leadership in HD 27

5/7/2016 Education Leader Monica Lira Bravo Leads into Runoff for DCCCD Board, Place 4

4/26/2016 Annie’s List Seeks to Add Balance to Power

4/25/2016 Fusion: Want more women to run for president? You have to ask first. 

4/12/2016 House Minority Whip Rep. Ron Reynolds in Court Again, Faces Election Challenge May 24th

4/5/2016 Annie’s List’s Executive Director, Patsy Woods Martin, Responds to Gov. Abbott’s “call” for Pay Equity

3/31/2016 Celebrating and Making Women’s History

3/25/2016 Annie’s List react to GOP Presidential Candidate’s view on Women


3/15/2016 Runoff Watch: Annie’s List

3/11/2016 Former Annie’s List Board member, Dolly Elizondo, paves the way for Texas Latina women in Congress

3/6/2016  2016 Primaries…. Austin American Statesman reports a “Hat tip to Annie’s List

3/2/2016 2016 Primary Election Results 

2/28/2016 State Rep. Reynolds gains support despite legal troubles, crowded field

2/10/2016 Annie’s List Endorses Sally Hernandez Sheriff & Margaret Moore District Attorney for Travis County

2/1/2016 ADVISORY: 4 Distinguished Leaders Join Annie’s List Board

1/28/2016 Angelique Bartholomew gets key endorsement in District 27 primary

1/21/2016 Corruption or Classrooms in HD27, HD 75?

1/19/2016 Annie’s List endorses Angelique Bartholomew for Texas House District 27

1/4/2015 Texas Tribune: Texas ranked 29th for its percentage of female lawmakers



12/12/2015 Annie’s List-endorsed Amanda Edwards wins Houston City Council At-large Run-off 

12/8/2015 Annie’s List-endorsed Sen. Garcia Champions Voting Rights at the U.S. Supreme Court

11/10/2015 Annie’s List Announces Political Program Leads

9/4/2015  Annie’s List joins Rep. Celia Israel to discuss the work of Annie’s List-endorsed Legislative Champions in the 84th Session

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9/1/2015 49 new laws passed by Annie’s List-endorsed lawmakers take effect today

8/19/2015 Annie’s List trains candidates in Dallas


8/12/2015 Annie’s List trains candidates in El Paso

8/7/2015 How We Win The #GOPDebates


7/25/2015 How we #StandWithPP for #SandraBland

7/24/2015 Texans Want Women Elected: says leading investment in Annie’s List

7/17/2015 Candidate 101 Training with Representative Collier

7/17/2015 Are you Ready To Run? Candidate 101 with Representative Allen


7/11/2015 Annie’s List trains candidates in San Antonio

7/8/2015 Annie’s List speaks out against Gov. Abbott endangering Texas teens

7/7/2015 Get Ready to Run with Representative Minjarez 

6/25/2015 Annie’s List Legislative Champions: 84th Session in Review

6/19/2015 Let’s Talk about Charleston

6/18/2015 Annie’s List trains candidates in Houston

6/11/2015 Annie’s List trains candidates in Fort Worth

6/8/2015 Why You Should Run, with Leigh Bailey

5/21/2015 Annie’s List Endorses Leticia Van de Putte for San Antonio Mayor 

4/30/2015 San Antonio Express News reports on Rep. Minjarez joining the House, Annie’s List involvement in her race, “Texas women need all the voices they can get in the legislature”

4/21/2015 Annie’s List-endorsed Ina Minjarez wins HD124 special election! 

4/20/2015 Texas Tribune: Annie’s List-backed Ina Minjarez shows “strong contrast with her opponent”

3/26/2915 Annie’s List Endorses Ina Minjarez for HD 124

3/6/2015 The Good, The Bad and The Ugly – Legislative Preview

Llano News reports: Annie’s List Executive Director energizes local Democrats.

KERA reports: 2014 gubernatorial candidate Wendy Davis exposes Greg Abbott’s opposition to safe and legal abortion access even for survivors of rape or incest!

Dallas Morning News reports: Gubernatorial candidates Wendy Davis and Greg Abbott clash over abortion, equal pay.

Dallas Morning News reports: Annie’s List candidates support equal pay and women’s health, GOP does not.

Houston Chronicle reports: Annie’s List turns up criticism of Abbott’s corruption over CPRIT.

Politico reports: Money gap: Why don’t women give?“As a fundraiser for Annie’s List in Texas, Amber Mostyn said she knows it takes more work for women to open their checkbooks. “The trust factor is really important. We try to put our candidates in front of them as much possible. Political giving — especially large donations — is a newer endeavor for women, so they need a greater level of trust than men.’”


Breitbart reports: Annie’s List Executive Director points to women as political deciders: There was a “public assault on women, a Republican conservative war on women. The filibuster was about something much bigger – it was about women’s leadership. Annie’s List has doubled and tripled,” she continued, “and women are deciding elections. It was women who put Obama over the top. We have seen what happens when women put truth to power.’”


Dallas Morning News reports: “Abortion Barbie” posters depicting Wendy Davis show a GOP war on women. Annie’s List Executive Director: “This is the same man who chose to appear with Ted Nugent, who has continually made offensive comments about women. And Greg Abbott has said he would not support equal pay for equal work for all Texans.”


Burnt Orange Report: Annie’s List Executive Director rallies Texans for a Wendy Davis Day of Action.


San Antonio Express-News reports: Wendy Davis and Leticia Van de Putte highlight the Republican opposition to women’s health care and equal pay.


Houston Chronicle reports: State Sens. Wendy Davis and Leticia Van de Putte keynote Annie’s List annual Houston luncheon to a sold-out crowd: “It’s clear from the Republicans’ War on Women that they feel entitled to speak for women, but they don’t even bother to listen to us in the first place,”


KXAN reports: Leticia Van de Putte, a woman of the people, chooses to focus on meeting Texans across the state unlike her opponents David Dewhurst and Dan Patrick.


Burnt Orange Report reports: “Meet the woman who could turn Texas purple” Leticia Van de Putte is a, “proven champion for reproductive justice, she also has the capacity to energize women across the state – and across the aisle.”


CNN reports: Annie’s List instrumental in recruiting women to run for high office: Three months after her lunch with [Annie’s List Executive Director] Garcia, Van de Putte announced that she was going to jump into the race [for Texas Lieutenant Governor] against a cadre of Republican candidates.”


The Dallas Weekly reports: Annie’s List endorsed Rep. Donna Howard and Annie’s List Executive Director call out Greg Abbott for paying women less than men in the Attorney General’s office.


KVUE reports: Data shows female attorneys working for Abbott’s Attorney General’s Office earn less, on average, than male attorneys.


Texas Public Radio reports:  “Democratic women’s groups are weighing in on a new report showing women working in Attorney General Greg Abbott’s office are paid less than their male counterparts.”


MSNBC reports: Annie’s List Executive Director joins others in speaking against Greg Abbott’s appearances with controversial Ted Nugent who is known for sexual relationships with underage girls.


Media Matters reports: Annie’s List condemns Greg Abbott for his appearances with Ted Nugent, who is known for his sexual relationships with underage girls.


Media Matters reports: NRA’s Toxic Ted Nugent Causes Campaign Problem For Texas Gov. Hopeful Greg Abbott.


Newsmax reports: Executive Director of Annie’s List demanded Greg Abbott prevent Ted Nugent from appearing with him on campaign stops – noting that Nugent had called feminists and female politicians “fat pigs” and “dirty whores”.


Los Angeles Times reports: Greg Abbott continues to garner support from Ted Nugent, who has made several disparaging remarks about female politicians and his sexual relationships with underage girls.


San Antonio Express-News reports: “Nugent has used terms to describe female political leaders such as ‘brain-dead soulless idiot,’ ‘varmints,’ ‘fat pigs,’ ‘dirty whores,’ ‘worthless bitch’ and more that I do not care to repeat. It’s hate speech, plain and simple,” said the Executive Director of Annie’s List.


Houston Chronicle reports: Annie’s List calls on Greg Abbott to cancel events with Ted Nugent, who continues to release vulgar, disparaging comments about female politicians and is known for his sexual relationships with underage girls.


The Dallas Morning News reports: “The executive director of Annie’s List, which raises money for female Democratic candidates, called on Abbott to cancel the appearances [with Ted Nugent].”


KENS 5 San Antonio reports: ‘Ted Nugent’s comments against women are despicable,” read a statement from the executive director of Annie’s list. “Much of what he has said is so repulsive, I can’t even repeat it. It’s reprehensible that Greg Abbott is now publicly accepting support from this person.’”


Guidry News reports: “Today, Annie’s List – the leading organization in Texas dedicated to electing progressive Democratic women – proudly endorsed Susan Criss for state representative in House District 23.”


Burnt Orange Report reports: “Annie’s List has proven one victory after another over the past ten years that their strength in changing the face of power in Texas continues to grow as the public continues to demand for real representation in their government.


The New York Times reports: Since Wendy Davis’s filibuster, more Texas women have shown interest in running for office. “It was a defining moment for women in the importance of engaging,” said the Annie’s List Executive Director.


The Austin American-Statesman reports: Wendy Davis has been a top backer of Annie’s List throughout her career and has received $36,000 from the organization.


Burnt Orange Report reports: : “There are far too few female campaign managers working in progressive politics today. Kudos to Annie’s List for helping to change the face of Texas politics in front of the camera and behind the clipboard.”


MSNBC reports: Annie’s List donated $50,000 to Wendy Davis in June, and now Davis will be its first statewide candidate endorsement.


San Antonio Express-News reports: “When I ran for this Senate seat in 2008, I would not have won had it not been for the support of Annie’s List,” Wendy Davis said, “They’ve been a major part of my political pathway.”


The Huffington Post reports: This is why I recently praised Annie’s List, the Texas sister of EMILY’s list. These women are leaders and winners, and if Davis runs they will storm the Bastille of reactionary Texas Republicanism.When I think of Annie’s List and the prospect of Davis running for governor, I think of a comment JFK once made: If you face a man’s job, find a woman!


The New York Times reports: “Ms. Davis is enjoying not only a burst of national attention, but also a renewed pride among female activists who see her as a potential heir to Ann Richards, who died in 2006. Annie’s List, a state group dedicated to electing Democratic women, announced this week that they were giving Ms. Davis $50,000, ostensibly for her re-election.”


The New York Times reports: “Senator Davis has a stellar record,” Annie’s List’s executive director said. “We have been standing strong behind her since 2008, when we recruited her to run for the Texas Senate in a swing district seat held by a 20-year incumbent.”’


Texas Tribune reports: Political contributions spurred by Wendy Davis’s filibuster appeared to favor the left. Annie’s List, which backs abortion-rights-supporting female Democrats running for the state Legislature, raised $85,259 during those last six days.


San Antonio Express-News reports: “On the subject of Davis, the senator owes some of her political good fortune to Annie’s List, an Austin-based political action committee that recruits and funds Democratic women for election campaigns. In 2008, Annie’s List reps saw potential in Davis, then a Fort Worth City Council member, and recruited her to run for what turned out to be a victorious state Senate campaign.”


Houston Chronicle reports: “Annie’s List announced it has contributed $50,000 to the campaign of Sen. Wendy Davis, who hit the national spotlight and heated up the state’s debate over abortion regulations”


Burnt Orange Report reports: “Between vetoing the state’s own equal-pay act and calling a special session on limiting choice for women, Rick Perry has started some sort of renaissance for sexists across Texas.”


Austin American-Statesman reports: Annie’s List’s executive director said the time had come for Texas women to emulate McCaskill’s success, and that Texas should be “more than an ATM that ships its money out of state and more than a political factory that ships its talent across the nation for winners everywhere else.’”


Antonio Express-News reports: “On the organization’s 10th anniversary year, Annie’s List Executive Director Garcia said she’s honored to be the first Latina in its history to head it.”


Austin Chronicle reports: Recently elected Rep. Mary Gonzalez says, “I think directly talking to voters is one of the primary reasons I won, but what gave me the space to do that was Annie’s List.”

Austin American-Statesman reports: Annie’s List Executive Director speaks about the crucial role Annie’s List will continue to play in turning Texas Blue and making it a better place for women and their families.