Vision Circle

Annie's List Vision Circle

Vision Circle members support the Annie’s List mission with annual contributions totaling $2,500 or more. Through the generous support of Vision Circle members, Annie’s List is able to envision and work towards a representation in the halls of power which better reflects Texas and its values.

Those who undertake a commitment to the Annie’s List’s Vision Circle provide the depth of resources needed to #changepower and make our comprehensive political programs possible. These programs include our Campaign School Program, Candidate 101 Trainings, in-depth strategic polling, and Incumbent Protection Program.

As just a snapshot of what the Annie’s List political programs have achieved in only a few short years:

25 women elected and re-elected to the House, Senate, and Mayor’s office.

45 campaign managers deployed around the state.

50 campaign school staffers trained and now leading the next generation of progressive political professionals in Texas.

2500+ potential women candidates trained.

As a Vision Circle Member, you’ll take part in exclusive conversations of what it takes to reshape Texas’ political landscape. Membership benefits include:

  • Invitation-only access to briefings from top policy makers and leading political strategists throughout the year
  • Confidential updates from the Annie’s List executive director
  • Participation in the annual Vision Circle Conference
  • Annual report of Annie’s List accomplishments

What is your vision for the future of Texas?

View the levels of commitment and benefits of the Annie’s List Vision Circle today and become a key part of creating lasting change from the ballot box to the halls of power. Click here to join the Vision Circle today.