Meet the Annie’s List Fall 2018 Interns!


Annie's List Fall 2018 Interns with Annie's List Endorsed Champion, Representative Donna Howard. 

Part of working to change the face of power and improve the future of Texas means investing in hardworking and passionate young leaders. We are excited to welcome Annie’s List interns for the Fall of 2018. These five individuals will be contributing throughout our different departments as we prepare for the upcoming midterm elections together. Scroll down to meet Myrka (Program), Alejandro (Development), Rylee (Politcal), Tatiana (Political) and Ana (Communications). 


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Program Intern

Studies Digital Media Management and Journalism at St. Edward’s University

What brought you to Annie’s List? Why now?
I think it is really important to put action behind your words and I call myself an advocate and push for progressive change in politics, but I can only do so much by talking about it and voting so I knew I could further my advocacy by working somewhere I could act on what I preach.

What do you hope to achieve during your time at Annie's List?
Since we are in the middle of an election cycle, I would hope to see how our work can influence voters and get our endorsed candidates into office. Personally, I would like to get a better understanding of what field of work I would like to pursue post-grad.

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Development Intern

Studies Political Science and Economics at St. Edwards University

What brought you to Annie’s List? Why now?

Attending Campaign School gave me a close up perspective of what it means to be a part of the team at Annie’s List. It is about understanding that it takes a coalition of leaders from a variety of backgrounds to help buttress a progressive infrastructure in the state. Being able to engage with the staff at Annie’s List motivated me to continue seeking a position with the organization because I recognized the congruence within the drive and passion the Annie’s List team has for the work they do. After speaking with James at the Campaign School Kick-off, his insight on how Annie’s List identifies candidates allowed me to understand what it will take to flip the state and how the work Annie’s List does is paramount to creating a progressive infrastructure through working with candidates in Texas. With the midterm elections and legislative session just around the corner, I felt that my contributions to the Annie's List team would be instrumental in making this and every year a winning year.

What do you hope to achieve during your time at Annie's List?

Low-income communities suffer from underdevelopment and because education systems are organized to limit opportunities for students, neighborhoods are set up to fail. My experience with these issues is the primary motivator to dedicate my career in public service. Recognizing the injustices within my community has allowed me to focus on tackling the overarching issue that creates so many disparities in my home: inequity in education. Through working with Annie's List, I hope to support candidates who are interested in closing the opportunity gap experienced by Black and Latino communities within the education system. Annie's List commitment to representation creates a foundation for progressives in Texas to push policies that will promote equity.


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Political Intern

Studies Government at the University of Texas at Austin

What brought you to Annie’s List? Why now?

Since the moment I realized I wanted to have a career in law and policy, I knew that I needed to incorporate my passion for women's issues into my future. This past year I was able to work on Sheryl Cole's House District 46 campaign, where I discovered how empowering and rewarding it was to assist in getting women elected to office. Annie's List's internship program attracted me because I think some of the most rewarding work you can do is work that directly impacts you and the people in your community. The organization's mission of working to help provide a platform for underrepresented Texans and elect progressive women to office is so significant, especially in a time where our nation's issues feel very overwhelming. I am so grateful to be working for an organization that is doing so much for women all across Texas.

What do you hope to achieve during your time at Annie’s List?

During my time at Annie's List, I hope to grow my knowledge and appreciation for the election process. I also hope to incorporate some of my other interests into my work, such as environmental justice, immigration reform, and education policy. I'm excited to gain more experience in a political environment and can't wait to see more women get elected this November!


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Political Intern

Studies Government and Latin American Studies at the University of Texas at Austin

What brought you to Annie’s List? Why now?

Annie's List is truly a unique organization supporting one of the most important populations within the current political arena: women! I strongly believe that we are in one of the most pressing electoral moments whose outcome will pose a drastic shift not only in our state's policies but also in the individuals leading those conversations. Could there be a more exciting time to be involved with Annie's List?! I was brought here by a desire to contribute my time and skills to such an important cause but also to be surrounded by other incredible minds so that together we can change the face of power in Texas.

What do you hope to achieve during your time at Annie’s List?

During my time at Annie's list I hope to gain a better understanding of the most effective way to bring about change in today's environment and to be more comfortable in opening up a dialogue about my political values. I hope to leave here with a better understanding of who I am and what I can contribute to help this work progress after I graduate in May. Most importantly, to see a wave of incredible women be elected and re-elected in less than two months' time!

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Communications Intern

Studies Advertising at the University of Texas at Austin

What brought you to Annie’s List? Why now?

While I am beyond grateful for the opportunities that this country has offered, these increasingly become harder to reach for so many of our people. There are children, mothers, and all kinds of families at stake. If we don’t act now, nobody will. Our political climate is heated, and the only way to direct our country in the right direction is by changing the face of power. I am here because my biggest heroes throughout my life have been devoted mothers, teachers, and so many fighting women. As I discover more about the 34 women on the ballot, I know there is no option but to dedicate my time and skills toward supporting them throughout their journey to election day. There is no better time to be a part of Annie’s List than today.

What do you hope to achieve during your time at Annie's List?

If you read above, my degree may not exactly translate to public service. Some may even think that it reflects the opposite. However, the power of persuasion is an art and a science that shapes culture on a daily basis, and I strongly believe in its potential for purpose-led causes. During my time at Annie’s List, I hope that I can apply my developing skills in creative and media strategy, and prove that these are tools that can truly inspire people, mobilize voters, and shake our society. Every single woman on the ballot has a unique, compelling story, and these next few months at Annie’s List, I want to make sure that we can introduce them beyond those who are already watching and following. More people than we think are ready to see a shift in the face of power. Now it’s up to us to direct them toward the next steps.


Annie’s List is now accepting applications for paid Spring 2019 internships based in Austin. Please email a one page resume and cover letter explaining your interest in Annie’s List and your preferred department to Ana Harris at The deadline to apply is Friday, October 26th by 5:00 PM CST. We are specifically interested in rising Juniors and Seniors, but encourage all years to apply.