Annie’s List Endorses in Key Local Races

September 21, 2016
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September 21, 2016

Electing champions Ann Harris Bennett, Kim Ogg and Lupe Valdez offer protection, leadership of progressive values for millions of Texans

AUSTIN, TX – Today, Annie’s List announced its endorsement of three outstanding candidates for down-ballot races in two of the most populous regions in the United States:

  1. Ann Harris Bennett for Harris County Tax Assessor Collector;
  2. Kim Ogg for Harris County District Attorney;
  3. And, the re-election of Lupe Valdez for Dallas County Sheriff

With these endorsements, the organization further extends its commitment to expand, protect and defend progressive values throughout the State.

Upon the endorsement, Annie’s List Executive Director Patsy Woods Martin remarked “The mission of Annie’s List is to achieve equality for women by electing qualified women leaders who are running in viable, competitive races. Each of these women are positioned to use their leadership to positively impact the lives of millions of Texans.”

Woods Martin continued, “In Harris County, candidate Ann Harris Bennett has the opportunity to ensure taxpayer resources are being shepherded wisely and that voting rights are protected for over 4 million people — that’s more people than live in the entire state of Oklahoma. Harris County residents have another champion in candidate Kim Ogg who can use her position as District Attorney to fight for the rights of survivors of violent crimes — a role the current D.A. clearly needs to improve upon. Finally, in Dallas County, we’re proud to support the re-election of Sheriff Lupe Valdez who has a proven track record of ensuring one of the state’s largest criminal justice systems protects the public from dangerous citizens while accounting for the dignity, health and rehabilitation of our incarcerated citizens. The bottom line is down-ballot elections matter. We are proud to support these campaigns.”

Background on these races follows this release.



The general election day for this race is Tuesday, November 8, 2016. The Early Voting period is Monday October 24 to Friday November 4, 2016.

Not only is each woman highly qualified for the positions they seek, their victories will add much needed representation to the elected offices. Currently, men hold 82% of the lawmaking power in Harris County and 71% in Dallas County while comprising 49% of the population. When a legislative body actually reflects the voters it serves higher quality lawmaking happens.

About Harris County

Harris County is the largest metropolitan area and the most populous county in Texas, and the third-most populous county in the United States. Countywide positions represent 4.4 million residents. In contrast, adjusted from the 2010 census, Texas Senate districts represent 811,147 residents; Texas House Districts represent 113,243 residents.

More information on where to vote in Harris County can be found here:

About Ann Harris Bennett for Tax Assessor Collector

There are many administrative functions carried out by the Tax Assessor Collector. Two of the most important responsibilities of the office is to collect property taxes and collect and process voter registration.

On both counts, Ann’s opponent has consistently fallen short. As a lifelong paralegal and administrator, Ann understands that collecting taxes and ensuring that citizens are properly registered to vote are bedrock services of our government. In order for the lives of ordinary people to function well, these  These duties need to be carried out in a professional, non-partisan manner.

The office of Harris County Tax Assessor Collector has been questioned widely in the past for its role in ensuring every eligible voter has the ability to cast their ballot. This not only affects Harris County residents, but Texans across the state as votes are tallied for important statewide elections. Ann Harris Bennett is the best person on the ballot to right the ship, so the people of Harris County are fully entrusted as partners in our democratic process as voters and taxpayers.

More information about Ann Harris Bennett can be found here:

About Kim Ogg for District Attorney

Kim is prepared to bring the lessons of a lifetime of legal service to her service in the D.A.’s office. Having served as both a prosecutor and defense attorney, she has witnessed firsthand how the justice system can save both tax dollars and lives. Kim strongly believes Houston residents deserve a justice system that reserves its harshest judgement for violent criminals, not victims and low-level offenders.

In stark contrast, her opponent’s poor judgement has left the office defensively responding to scandal rather than working to ensure justice and safety is provided to ordinary families. In a particularly shocking perversion of justice, Ogg’s opponent made national news for jailing a homeless, mentally ill sexual assault survivor  in order to compel her to appear for trial. Under her leadership, Harris County continues to fail women and men who seek the support and protection of the D.A.’s office for domestic abuse.

In its endorsement, the Houston Chronicle said “It is time to elect Kim Ogg as district attorney.”

More information about Kim Ogg for DA can be found here:

About Lupe Valdez for Dallas County Sheriff

Dallas County is the second most populous county in Texas and the ninth largest county in the United States. County wide positions represent more than 2.5 million residents. In contrast, adjusted from the 2010 census, Texas Senate districts represent 811,147 residents; Texas House Districts represent 113,243 residents.

The Dallas County Sheriff’s office is an important seat. This office administers an annual budget of more than $150 million, oversees 2,203 full time staff, and guides policy and law enforcement in Dallas County.

In the race for Sheriff, Lupe Valdez is widely recognized as the best choice. She became the highest ranking law enforcement officer in the County of Dallas, TX  on January 1, 2005. She is one of four female sheriffs in the State of Texas, and is the only gay Hispanic female sheriff in the United States. After serving over three decades in both Federal and State law enforcement, Sheriff Valdez is seeking her fourth term as sheriff of Dallas County. She has a proven record of improving law enforcement and criminal justice in Dallas County, including improving jail facilities for over 300 mentally and physically ill inmates.

More information about Lupe Valdez for Dallas County Sheriff can be found here:

More information on where to vote in Dallas County can be found here:

More information about Annie’s List endorsements can be found at:

The Annie’s List team completed a new strategic plan to guide the organization through 2020. A strategic and enhanced focus on local races is one primary outcome of the planning. Annie’s List recently welcomed Houston City Council Member Amanda Edwards, Dallas County Community College District Board Trustee Monica Lira Bravo, Travis County Sheriff Democratic Nominee Sally Hernandez and Travis County District Attorney Democratic Nominee Margaret Moore to the ranks of endorsed candidates.

Annie’s List is a statewide political organization dedicated to changing the face of power in Texas by recruiting, training, supporting and electing progressive women to elected offices. Since its founding in 2003, Annie’s List has contributed over $4.5 million, trained thousands of women and helped elect and re-elect 32 progressive women to office.