Annie’s List Endorses Three New Candidates in Harris County

September 26, 2018
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Rita Lucido (Senate District 17), Diane Trautman (Harris County Clerk), and Marilyn Burgess (Harris County District Clerk) Mark Record 37 Endorsements Across Texas by Annie’s List


September 25, 2018 Austin, TX– Annie’s List, an organization focused on electing Democratic, pro-choice women to office in Texas, announced three new endorsements in Harris County today – Rita Lucido (Senate District 17), Diane Trautman (Harris County Clerk), and Marilyn Burgess (Harris County District Clerk).

“With these endorsements, Annie’s List has 13 candidates on the ballot this November in Harris County. Their victories will usher in the real, lasting change that Texans need, including better schools, quality affordable healthcare, safety, and opportunity for every community,” said Annie’s List Executive Director Royce Brooks.

“Democrats in Texas have an extraordinary opportunity this cycle to pick up three vulnerable state senate seats, including our two endorsed candidates Rita Lucido in Harris County and Beverly Powell in Tarrant County,” said Monica Gomez, Annie’s List Political Director.  “Flipping these seats will help Democrats block wasteful legislation and focus energy in Austin on important issues facing real Texans.”

Rita Lucido (Senate District 17):  A lifelong Texan, nonprofit leader, and outspoken community advocate, Rita is the bold leader we need fighting for us in the Texas State Senate.  A trusted, no-nonsense family attorney of 35 years, Rita serves on the Board of the Texas Civil Rights Project and the Houston Area Women’s Center and was formerly the Board Chair of Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast. Rita has dedicated her life and career to standing up for Texans and is ready to leverage her experience to deliver real solutions as a state senator. Rita is passionate about improving public education and building smart infrastructure to protect our homes and communities from the threat of future disasters like Hurricane Harvey. Read more here.

Diane Trautman (Harris County Clerk):  As a countywide board member of the Harris County Board of Education since 2012, Dr. Diane Trautman believes that her most important role is to faithfully serve the people of Harris County. During her tenure on the HCBOE, she has served as board Vice President, Chair of the Adult Education committee, and Chair of the Head Start policy council.  As Harris County Clerk, Diane will ensure that elections held in the county are accessible to everyone, a vital undertaking that helps protect the democratic process. Read more here.

Marilyn Burgess (Harris County District Clerk):  Marilyn Burgess, a successful business woman and public servant,­­­ is prepared to utilize her experience and dedication to restore integrity and sound fiscal management to a critical agency.  During her time at the Texas Parent Teacher Association, she advocated for causes that better the lives of teachers, working-and-middle class families, single mothers, and children. As Harris County District Clerk, she will work to increase diversity among prospective jurors, support bail reform, and make the county’s electronic court records system more efficient and easier to navigate. Read more here.

They join 10 other Annie’s List Endorsed candidates from Harris County. See the full list of Harris County candidates and elected officials here.

Annie’s List = Representational Democracy

Democracy works when we all have a seat at the table. Currently, 80% of our state legislature is composed of men. Annie’s List works to achieve equality and better policies by electing more pro-choice, progressive women to office in Texas. As lawmakers, Texas women bring a balanced perspective to our government and affect positive changes for women and families.

With help from people like you, Annie’s List has raised $16.5+ million to support and train thousands of women to run for office. In the 2018 election cycle, 85% of the 80 Democratic women running for the Texas legislature have been trained and/or supported by Annie’s List. Since our start in 2003, our endorsed candidates have won more than 100 races up and down the ballot and across the state.

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