Annie’s List endorses Vikki Goodwin for Texas House District 47

August 8, 2018
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August 8, 2018

(AUSTIN, TX)- Annie’s List, the statewide political organization that works to elect pro-choice, Democratic women to office in Texas, is proud to announce the endorsement of Vikki Goodwin for Texas House District 47.

Vikki, broker and owner of Goodwin & Goodwin Real Estate Inc., will bring her extensive experience in both the public and private sectors to the Texas House. As a systems analyst with the Office of the Attorney General of Texas, she helped develop and train specialists on the state’s Child Support Enforcement System. Coupled with her entrepreneurial pursuits and extensive community advocacy, Vikki has the leadership and passion necessary to effect legislative change.

A dedicated volunteer, Vikki has committed herself to building a better community. Through her work with Impact Austin, Foundation Communities, Austin Habitat for Humanity and more, Vikki has developed a deep understanding of urban development and the impact of fluctuating economic factors on a city’s growth.

Vikki is acutely aware of the issues impacting her district, many of which are not being prioritized by the current representative — a seat that is currently the only Republican-held Texas House seat in Travis County. She will fight to shift legislative focus toward school finance reform, issues that impact women, adequate funding of CPS, improving transportation in central Texas, and supporting measures that will ensure a clean environment. Vikki understands that with the proper infrastructure in place, a community and its people will thrive.

“Once elected, Vikki is committed to working with constituents on the issues that matter most to them. She can make a difference for the people of House District 47 and the state,” said Monica Gomez, Annie’s List Political Director.

“We are thrilled to invest in first-time candidates, like Vikki, who we believe are the future of Texas. We need more women in the legislature who fight not for the wants of few, but for the needs of many. With leaders like Vikki in office, we can ensure policies will be introduced that reflect an equitable and inclusive Texas,” said Royce Brooks, Annie’s List Executive Director.

Annie’s List is supporting our endorsed candidates through a combination of expert training, political advice and financial contributions. “We are so excited about Vikki,” said Annie’s List Political Director Monica Gomez. “The compassion, commitment and new thinking she will bring to HD 47 will help shift governing in Texas from politics as usual, to policies that work for everyone.”


Annie’s List works to achieve equity for women by changing the face of leadership in Texas. We recruit, train, support and elect progressive, pro-choice women who are dedicated to advancing the self-determination, health, safety and financial security of Texas women and their families. Since our founding in 2003, Annie’s List has trained thousands of women to run for office and won more than 100 races up and down the ballot and across the state.

This year, Annie’s List is excited to support the ground-breaking campaigns of three exceptional pro-choice Democratic women candidates for statewide office and many more who are running for state legislative and local offices. We are also proud to have trained and/or supported two-thirds of eighty Democratic women running in 2018 for the Texas state legislature.


Amanda Finucane