Annie’s List Working to Stop Texas Trumps

October 20, 2016
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October 20, 2016

Records, Endorsements of Top Legislative Incumbents Support Trump & Trump Values

AUSTIN, TX – Today, on the heels of the last Presidential Debate Annie’s List Executive Director Patsy Woods Martin released the following statement:

“Millions of women will be affected by who is elected to the halls of power on November 8th. Up and down the ballot, we have a choice: to vote for qualified candidates who respect women, or to reward those who have endorsed Trump, his rhetoric, and who have voting records that discriminate against women.”

Woods Martin continued, “Trump supporters Rodney Anderson and Kenneth Sheets have a clear record of voting against Texas women. Some of these votes against Texas women include keeping women from being paid what they have earned, and blocking funds to prosecute rapists.”

Woods Martin concluded, “Women across the US can stop Trump. Texas women can stop these Texas Trumps. Further, we have the opportunity to vote for qualified women who are committed to quality public education for our kids, women’s health, earned equal pay and more.”

Woods Martin concluded, “Although Texas is one of America’s largest and most diverse states, and even though men comprise 49% of the population, they hold 81% of the lawmaking power in the Legislature (146 of 181 seats). Supporters of Annie’s List statewide have heavily invested in these contests. Together, we are working furiously stop Texas Trumps and add representation which respects women to the halls of power.”

Annie’s List is the largest progressive PAC in the state. Annie’s List is dedicated to changing the face of power in Texas by recruiting, training, supporting and electing progressive women to elected offices. Since its founding in 2003, Annie’s List has contributed over $4.5 million, trained thousands of women and helped elect and re-elect 32 progressive women to office.