Statement from Annie’s List Interim ED regarding the Texas Senate’s revisions to their anti-sexual harassment policy

May 31, 2018
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May 31, 2018

Statement from Annie’s List Interim Executive Director, Jennifer Treat regarding the Texas Senate’s revisions to their anti-sexual harassment policy.

“Annie’s List calls on the leadership of the Texas Senate to take seriously the concerns of women and to ensure a safe workplace for all Capitol employees.

“The revised guidelines lack disciplinary actions for violators – including officeholders. We want rules sooner than later, that make it clear to sexual predators that they will be fired for their behavior. Period.

“The rules must change and so must the culture at the Capitol and in all halls of government across the state. We’re proud of the leadership that Annie’s List leaders like Rep. Donna Howard and Sen. Sylvia Garcia have shown on the important issue of workplace sexual harassment.

“Electing more progressive women to the Texas House and Senate – and changing a culture that has been far too permissive of sexual misconduct – is the kind of progress Annie’s List is working to achieve.”

Annie’s List = Representational Democracy

Democracy works best when we all have a seat at the table. Currently, 80% of the Texas state legislature is comprised of men. Annie’s List works to achieve equality and better policies by getting more pro-choice, progressive women elected to office in Texas. As lawmakers, Texas women bring a balanced perspective to our government and affect positive changes for women, men and families.

Annie’s List has directly contributed $15+ million and trained thousands of women to run for office. In the 2018 election cycle, 85% of the 65 women who are the Democratic nominees for the Texas legislature have been trained and/or supported by Annie’s List. Since our start in 2003, our endorsed candidates have won more than 100 races up and down the ballot and across the state.