For 15 years, Annie's List has helped prepare progressive women to run for office. This year, of the 65 Democratic women will be on the ballot for the Texas Legislature, 85% have been trained or supported by Annie’s List!

We provide a suite of trainings with the goal of getting more progressive women elected to office. No matter your experience in politics, Annie's List has a program that meets you where you are and takes you from there. We offer college internships, introductory training sessions with local legislators, intensive sessions for the woman ready to run and a program for those interested in becoming a campaign staffer. Annie’s List wants to help you become the leader your community needs!!


Candidate 101

Are you motivated to make a difference in your community but not sure if elected office is right for you? Or do you know you want to run but don’t know where to start? Annie’s List wants to help you to ask the big questions and find the right answers for you. Join us at Candidate 101 to start.


Run to Lead

Are you ready to run for office? Annie’s List wants to help you plan your winning campaign! More intensive than Candidate 101, Run to Lead provides tools, templates and tips to build a winning campaign with the help of seasoned experts. Together, we can chart your path from candidate to elected official.


Campaign School

Do you prefer to work behind the scenes to elect the progressive women running for office? Enroll in Campaign School to get the skills and strategies needed to staff a successful campaign. And after 40 hours of training together, you will have a new political community around the state. Jumpstart your political career today.


Annie U

Future leaders, activists, campaign staffers and changemakers, get your start with an internship at Annie’s List. If you are interested in a career in politics, communications, fundraising or just in for the general thrill of democracy in action, learn more about our college internship program here.

Scholarships are available for all learning opportunities and training programs through the Grace Ann Garcia Memorial Scholarship. Learn more about Grace Ann Garcia and apply for a scholarship here.