Campaign School

Annie’s List 2018 Campaign School-Recap

Preparing the next generation of campaign staff to elect progressive women

From June 15 to June 18,  Annie’s List hosted the 2018 Campaign School, a four-day intensive program to train campaign staff to elect progressive women in Texas. A diverse group of women and men from across the state completed the four-day course, which covered Campaign Management, Fundraising, Communication and Field.

Participants practiced making a fundraising ask, developing stories and messages that connect, calculating win numbers and responding to campaign crises. A select group of five Campaign Fellows – who Annie’s List will place on competitive races this cycle – additionally wrote complete field plans for a simulated campaign.

Not only did participants learn new skills and information, they developed connections with each other that will help them continue to learn and feel support as the cycle continues. The training achieved our goals of updating curriculum and best practices for campaigning, preparing and placing campaign staff, and building the capacity of established and emerging organizations and campaigns.



Participants: 44

Fellows: 5

State Rep staff/volunteers: 14

Congressional staff/volunteers: 6

State Senate staff/volunteers: 3

County party or judge staff/volunteers: 4

City Council staff: 2

Hours of training: 40

Pounds of Candy Consumed: 12

So, what was Campaign School like for the 44 participants and 5 fellows?

” I loved [leadership training]. My favorite part of the day! Emmy [Ruiz] was thought-provoking and gave me a lot to think about. She opened my eyes and mind a lot and I look forward to taking what I’ve learned back to the team”

” I loved the [communication] section. It talks about the most human part of politics and I think that’s beautiful. As progressive Democrats, it is important to remember why we started and where we want to go. Our branding and speeches should reflect who we are, what we stand for, and what we want to reach. “

“I feel overwhelmed, excited, unprepared, fulfilled, all at the same time.”


Featured Presenters:

Annie’s List Political Director Monica Gomez developed and led more than 12 hours of training.

Austin-based consultants James Aldrete and Laura Hernandez led a session on branding, messaging and connecting with a diverse electorate.

Prolific fundraiser Yael Ouzillou introduced participants to fundraising theory, helping them focus on what’s in it for the donor.

Democratic Strategist Emmy Ruiz led a 1.5 hour leadership session to help participants name their strongest values and plan for incorporating them into campaign life. “Ask yourself the question – would you rather be right or get what you want?”


Sponsored By:       

AFT Texas, Texas Democratic Party, State Rep. Gina Hinojosa, State Rep. Celia Israel, Lynne Dobson


Hosted By:

Political Advertising Paid for by Annie’s List