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Campaign School

Annie’s List Campaign School Class of 2013 Graduates with Staff

Annie’s List Campaign School is a unique program dedicated to politically empowering young people while helping elect progressive Democratic women in Texas. Most years, Annie’s List trains talented individuals at an intense, week-long Campaign School and then places them on the campaigns of Annie’s List- endorsed candidates for the final months of their campaigns.

While on the campaign trail, participants receive a monthly stipend, free housing and paid travel to and from the campaign. During their placement period, these trained staffers function as a full-time member of the campaign team – filling whatever role the campaign needs upon their arrival. After Election Day, Annie’s List helps find Campaign School graduates their next job in progressive politics.

Our work to provide these professionally-trained staffers is an invaluable in-kind contribution to our candidates. And, at no cost to the campaign, the Campaign School graduates help campaigns reach their fundraising, communications or voter contact goals.

Annie’s List trains the next generation of Democratic activists and elects more women to office at the same time.

What do participants learn?

Campaign School

Annie’s List Campaign School Class of 2012 Graduates

The program kicks off with an intense, week-long Campaign School in Austin. During the day, participants learn about all aspects of campaigns—voter targeting, field organizing, fundraising, media strategy and more— from the best political professionals in the business. At night, participants work in teams and apply their knowledge hands-on in a “real-world” campaign simulation.

The day after Campaign School, the newly trained staffers are dispatched to targeted races around Texas. Because their training is comprehensive, Campaign School graduates are able to step in and fill whatever role is needed, such as fundraising assistant, field operative, press secretary, volunteer coordinator, etc. While advancing the campaigns of Annie’s List-endorsed candidates, Campaign School graduates get hands-on experience, reinforce their top-notch training and play an integral role in the campaign.

For more information about Campaign School, email Kimberly Caldwell, Training Director at [email protected].

To be notified about upcoming training programs, click here to indicate your interest.

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