Candidate 201, formerly Run to Lead, provides progressive women a sound foundation for successful races for state and local offices.

This program is an immersive training to develop your campaign plan and outline the elements you will need to run and win. With the right skills, information, and foundation, you’ll be well on your way to elected office. 

We’re excited to have adapted our flagship training to be web-based, complete with comprehensive modules to work through at your own pace!

Training Curriculum

Module 1

Introduction & Campaign Infrastructure

Everything you need to know about setting up, launching, and staffing your campaign!

Module 2

Campaign Fundraising

We'll take a deep dive into campaign fundraising and compliance.

Module 3

Communicating & Connecting with Voters

Learn strategies for communicating your story to voters and persuading them to vote for you.

Module 4

Field & Voter Contact 

This module will cover your ground game and how to find the votes necessary to win.

Office Hours

Each week, our Political Director will hold open office hours to answer questions and offer support. Office hours will run every Tuesday from 6:00PM - 7:00PM (March 16 - May 11).

Training Fee: $75

You’ll gain the inspiration and knowledge to:

  • Calculate your “win” number and build the campaign operations to reach your goal
  • Tell your story persuasively: using the right messages and mediums to connect
  • Develop strategies for effective outreach and voter targeting
  • Leverage your network for political fundraising
  • Make a strong ask for the support you need to win
  • Manage life on the campaign trail

Changing the face of power in Texas starts here. If you have any questions about Candidate 201, please contact Monica Gomez at