Run To Lead

Are You Ready to Run?
Run to Lead: Give Your Candidacy its Best Foundation

Are leaders made or are they leader born? We think it’s a mixture of both. That’s why we developed Run to Lead. We know that today’s little league fundraiser or zoning commission volunteer is tomorrow’s candidate for city council or county commissioner. Run to Lead provides progressive women a sound foundation for successful races for state and local offices. This all-day session, led by seasoned political strategists and trainers, provides the tools, insights and case studies to help attendees build winning campaigns.  

You’ll leave with inspiration and with the knowledge to:

  • Calculate your “win” number and build the campaign operations to reach your goal
  • Tell your story persuasively: using the right messages and mediums to connect
  • Develop strategies for effective outreach and voter targeting
  • Leverage your network for political fundraising
  • Manage life on the campaign trail

Since this program’s inception in 2006, Annie’s List has trained thousands of women to run for offices up and down the ballot. Invest in yourself as a candidate today so tomorrow you can make the changes you want to see in your community.

Our 2018 Run to Lead trainings will focus on campaigns for local elections. Sign up by clicking below on the session you’d like to attend:

There are currently no upcoming Run to Lead trainings

Changing the face of power starts here.  It starts with you.  We look forward to helping you get there.

If you have any questions, please contact Programs Director Kimberly Caldwell at [email protected].