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STATEMENT: Annie’s List Calls for Resignation of Texas State Senators Following Sexual Misconduct Allegations

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December 8, 2017

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December 7, 2017

Annie’s List Calls For Resignation of Texas State Senators Miles and Uresti Following Credible Allegations of Sexual Misconduct

Enough is enough

AUSTIN, TX – Annie’s List called on Texas State Senators Carlos Uresti (D) and Borris Miles (D) to resign their seats following multiple, corroborated reports of sexual harassment and soliciting for sex. This follows a well-researched story in the Daily Beast this week citing multiple examples of boys in the Texas Legislature not only behaving badly, but also crossing a legal line. The political organization whose mission is to get progressive women elected to office in Texas, didn’t hesitate to call on senators of the same party to vacate their seats.

“Lawmakers are supposed to create laws that protect us. Not break them and harm others,” said Annie’s List Executive Director, Patsy Woods Martin. “As we know all too well, men like Borris Miles and Carlos Uresti have been asserting themselves upon others without their permission for millenniums. What is new is that now we’re calling it out, taking these instances out of the shadows of shame and doubt that perpetrators, and their enablers, have foisted upon women. The line of questioning they use to deflect have planted seeds in our minds. ‘Was it something we wore? Should we have known better than to have a few drinks? It’s my word against his and he is a powerful guy, so I should shut up.’ ”

“To quote Sen. Carlos Uresti, ‘Sexual harassment has no place in the Capitol or any workplace,’” Woods Martin continued. “We say neither do the people who commit sexual harassment. There is a shift taking place. We thank the courageous women who step out and speak up. You give us all a voice and piece of our dignity back. It’s not easy taking the heat of the enablers of these people who have narrow agendas. By using our collective voices, we are yanking off the soiled sheets of hush and cover up. Enough is enough. It is time to step down, Mr. Miles and Mr. Uresti.”


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