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Through an Intern’s Eyes—2019 Austin Luncheon

By: Sydney Tepper, Communications Intern
AL Intern
April 18, 2019
"I saw all of these women and it gave me so much strength and power in myself that I can accomplish anything."

Earlier this month, I was excited to help out with the Annie’s List Luncheon featuring U.S. Representative Sylvia Garcia. For a majority of the semester, I saw the luncheon unfold in all different stages… from signing letters to stuffing envelopes to organizing name tags to setting up the tables on the day of the event. Seeing this all come together after months of planning was truly amazing and I felt so fortunate that all of the effort put in by interns and staff was going towards helping elect Texas women. Before the event started, I talked a little bit with our Executive Director, Royce Brooks, and asked her how she feels these events typically go. She said they’re inspiring and over in a blink—looking back at it now, that proved to be absolutely true.

Once the event actually started, everything went into hyperspeed and it went by so fast. Stationed at one of the registration tables, I was able to meet so many influential people. I even got to see some of Annie’s List’s champions walking around which was exciting because I look up to them so much. It was like being in the same room as rockstars, each one unique and legendary in her own right. I saw all of these women and it gave me so much strength and power in myself that I can accomplish anything. If this was just the registration process, I could only imagine what the actual event would be like.

The program started off with nice remarks from the event co-chairs, people enjoyed their lunches, and then our impact video played. The video itself could have started a revolution. It was so powerful and inspiring… just thinking about it now gives me goosebumps. Seeing all of the work that we have done and looking to everything we will do, the video does an incredible job of reiterating our mission: Electing Progressive Women in Texas.

All of the speakers moved me with their own personal stories and connections to politics and Annie’s List. Then there was Congresswoman Garcia—I was blown away. She has such a passion for her work and her constituents that is rare in national politics these days. There was a charisma about her that I had not personally seen before, and she truly lit up the room.

By the end of the luncheon, we had well exceeded our fundraising goal and while it was a job well done, it was also a day that I will remember as being an all-around empowering experience!

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