Dan Patrick’s Lie on School Funding Dangerous for Texas Families

Yesterday, the Austin American-Statesman’s PolitiFact confirmed Dan Patrick is lying to Texans about his votes to cut education funding.

In August 2014, Dan Patrick’s campaign claimed that the senator “led the charge” to restore the 2011 funding cuts to education. The Austin American-Statesman reported, “We didn’t recall him leading the charge to restore most of the cut funding. As it turned out, we didn’t find convincing evidence he did.” [Austin American-Statesman, 9/14/2014]

PolitiFact ruled, “Patrick said that in the 2013 session, ‘I led the charge to restore most of the education cuts from last session.’ It’s not clear to us how someone can lead in putting money back by voting against it. Pants on Fire!’” [Austin American-Statesman, 9/14/2014]

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Annie’s List launches!

Last week Annie’s List launched

We know that when women have a voice in government, everyone wins. More female leaders will mean our government takes more advanced positions on all issues, including education, infrastructure and more.

Join our website and share your stories about why we need more courageous women like Wendy Davis in the State Legislature.


Executive Director Patsy Woods Martin Calls Out Abbott for Helping Insiders at Expense of Cancer Patients

Annie’s List Executive Director Patsy Woods Martin participated in a press conference with Cathy Bonner, a founder of CPRIT and cancer survivor, to call out Greg Abbott for his disturbing pattern of siding against hardworking Texans.

Executive director of Annie’s List, Patsy Woods Martin, said, “While there are some similarities between the fields of politics and science, trouble arises when politics starts to seep into science. I was outraged when Austin insiders allowed millions in cancer research fund grants to go to politically connected corporations. The cancer research fund was created to find cures, not fill the coffers of insiders. When cancer survivors needed an ally to ensure that our tax dollars were spent on research, Attorney Greg Abbott was asleep at the switch. Greg Abbott’s failed oversight is part of a disturbing pattern. Abbott has a record of siding against rape survivors, paying women in his office less for the same work as men, and intervening on behalf of a surgeon who killed and maimed patients.”

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Work for Wendy!

Wendy Davis’ campaign for governor is hiring for field positions across Texas, and you don’t want to miss out on this incredible opportunity. Her field team is responsible for the largest ground game Texas has ever seen.

Be a part of the movement and apply to be a field organizer or deputy field organizer for Wendy today!

Click here for information on the FO position.
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Greg Abbott’s Decisions Show Disturbing Pattern of Siding Against Texans

Austin, TX – Supreme Court records show Attorney General Greg Abbott has a history of siding against sexual assault victims while he served on the Court. As a judge, Greg Abbott decided with corporations over sexual assault victims in four out of five instances, including the Kirby case referenced in State Senator Wendy Davis’ recent campaign ad. Continue reading