Ensuring women's voices are heard from the ballot box to the halls of power.

For nearly 15 years, Annie’s List has recruited, trained and supported progressive women running for office in Texas. We believe the politics and policies of the State of Texas should reflect its population, and be responsive to all of our needs.

Give Mansplaining a Holiday with this Gift!

  To one of my favorite badass women, so there will be more like in elected office. This holiday season, Annie’s List has the perfect gift for the woman who has everything but equal rights. It’s a one-size-fits-all, no trips to the mall way to honor the people in your life who share your passion for changing the face of power. Choose from some fun cards to send with your donation by visiting our Perfect Gift page. And, please share with friends and family. Funds raised will provide training and support to get more progressive women elected to office in Texas. With your help, we can give mansplaining a holiday!

As part of our holiday season campaign, Annie’s List created a one-minute video capturing children sharing what they want from Santa. Yes, they want a princess castle and a Barbie, but they also want equal pay for equal work and autonomy for their body.

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2017 Legislative Review

2017 Legislative Review

Here’s what we accomplished for Texas
2017 Legislative Review

Let's Speak Truth

Annie Speaking Posted on Nov. 10, 2017
US Senator Kamala Harris’ Addresses Annie’s List Dallas Luncheon, Gives Prescription for Healing a Divided Nation
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