Monthly donors power us forward.

$100 a month

Organizes feet on the ground to knock on 1,800 doors

$50 a month

Puts 120 yards signs on school corners to create candidate name recognition

$25 a month

Funds training for 17 future candidates at our two hour Candidate 101

$10 a month

Sponsors get-out-the-vote calls to 120 voters

Join The A-List Today

Join the A-List

The A-List is Annie’s List monthly giving club that supports the work we do to elect progressive women candidates in Texas. A-List contributions keep us going strong—training candidates and supporting their campaigns and teams.

As an A-List member, you are a vital partner in funding the work that will ultimately bring fair representation to policy-making in Texas.

Sign up for the A-List here

Thank you to our A-List!

Marilyn Aden

Stacy Alexander

Sabrina Alton

Susan Ashworth

Ann Babb

Simin Banister

Susan Barzelay

Nancy Bean

Becky Beaver

Tannya Benavides

Hon. Lorraine Birabil*

Jill Black

Mary Black

Robert Blau

Mary A. Braunagel-Brown

Elizabeth Bray

Angela Brewer

Royce Brooks

Becky Bullard

Rachel Burlage

Lindsay G. Calvert

Mary Cartwright

Perla Cavazos

Rachel Chasteen

John Chaussee

Bebe Chiarito

Melinda Clark

Roger Clark

John Cottrell

Leilani Craig

Kathy Crow

Nancy Daniels

Lesley Dean-Jones

Marjorie Dearmont

Beverlee DeCoux

Marci Dell

Lauri Dibrell

Jennifer Ecklund

Quincy Erickson

Analysse Escobar

Heather Farmer

Andy Fasken

Mary Flanagan

Jenifer Flynn

Michael Fowler

Nicole Fowles

Jill Freer

Martha Garber

Danna Garcia

Ellen Gass

Malinda Gaul

Karen Gentry

Jon Goerner

Cristina Gomez

Zina Green

Stuart Greenfield

Dawn Grimes

Linda Hampton

Kendyl Hanks

Alyssa Hedge

Cameron Hernholm

Jean Holzer

Serena Houlihan

Elaine Howard

Amy Hunt

Marge James

Edward Janosky

Jennifer Johnson-Blalock

Lynne Jones

Sahiti Karempudi

Joan Khoslas

Stephen King

Kristin Kline

Jerome LaMore

Judith Laufer

Mai Le

Debra Leff

Pamela LeMelle

Elizabeth Lerner

Woot Lervisit

Sandra Lowery

Amy Lowrey

Rita Lucido*

Sarah Luna

Judy Madden

Samira Maddox

Zoë Marshall

Stephen Martin

Alyson Martinez

Spencer Matthews

Donna Mayo

Carolyn Mazzo

Michael McColloch

Maureen McCormack

Barbara McGuffey

Susan McKinley

Melanie Miller

Angela M Milo

Kathleen Monahan

Rebecca Moyer DeFelice

Shannon Noble

Christina Nuñez Cohen

Leslie Palmer

Mary Anna Paul

Laura Pea

Yvonne Pelayo*

William Perrenod

Catherine Polito

James Proffitt

Monica Ramon

Yasmin Rassadi

Sandra Reeves

Amelia Ribnick-Kleiman

Joanne Richards

Mary Esther Rocha

Sudy Samandari

Patrice Sarath

Lillie Schechter

Ellen Seldin

Mary Sharpe

Caroline Sherman

Danielle Skidmore*

Bridgette Smith-Lawson

Piper Stege Nelson*

Bernardine Sullivan

Catherine Tabor

Ellen Temple

Charles Terry Ross

Kathy Thomas

Tomas Torres

Brian Trachtenberg

Jennifer Trevino

Richard Warner

Doris Watkins

Hilary Weinstein

Elizabeth Wingate

Cornelia Wolf

Kennon Wooten

Lauren Wrather

Carlecia D. Wright

Carla Zainie

*Annie’s List Board Member

If you are an A-List member and do not see your name above, please contact us at

Maximize Your Impact

The Annie’s List Impact League is a crucial partner in the work to elect progressive women candidates. Each Impact League member makes the strategic commitment to give at least $500 annually through the annual giving campaign.

This dedicated support ensures that Annie’s List can continue the fight for progressive values and pro-choice women.

Join The Impact League Today

Thank you to our Impact League!

Dr. Diana Strassmann
Virginia Mithoff

Hannah Temple
Lynn Brooks
Lis Harper
Robbie Ausley
Tre’ and Lauren Black*
Annette Carlozzi
Kimberley Elting
Meryl Metni

Yvonne M. Pelayo*
Pat Rosenthal
Nancy Sanders
Randi Thistlethwaite
Susannah Wisenbaker
Donna Brazile
Beth Buyse
Joi Chevalier*
Cheryl George
Rachel Glast

*Annie’s List Board Member

John Hirschi
Louise Hytken
Julie Lowenberg
Heather Mace-Meador
Lucilo Peña
Judy Rosenblum
Laurie Jo Straty
Betty Trent
Karen Twitchell

If you are an Impact League member and do not see your name above, please contact us at

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