Wendy Davis to lead Planned Parenthood’s political advocacy arm2023-03-03T18:42:58+00:00
Progressive fundraising group raising $25 million to boost Democrats this November and beyond2022-08-25T01:23:57+00:00
With little short-term hope, Texas’ abortion-rights movement sets its sights on the long run2022-07-21T01:38:18+00:00
78% of Texas voters think abortion should be allowed in some form, UT poll shows2022-07-21T01:35:26+00:00
The Supreme Court draft ruling puts Henry Cuellar in hot seat over abortion votes ahead of runoff election2022-07-21T02:09:19+00:00
Progressive group wants to oust two House Democrats in March 1 primary2022-07-21T03:22:05+00:00
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